Wenzhou Yafei windows company insists on "Talent is the most valuable asset" concept.We think that the overall strength of competition in business is ultimately a competition of talents. Enterprise is in a first-class talent to be invincible in the competition.

■ To talent as the most important, people-oriented

  "To attract talent, use of personnel, development of talent" is Yafei human resources development strategy.Yafei in employment on the "people-centered, merit-based" principle. Of "loyalty, sincerity, can" for the measure.That adhere to the character first, ability second criteria for the appointment; adhere to the "virtuous is genuine, virtuous is not defective, without virtue is no waste, there is drug-free Germany," the moral and guidelines. Talent is the foundation for survival and development. Focus on people, respect for talent, reuse personnel, has been Yafei goal.Hot phenomenon affairs will prosper, and only the talent as the most important and most scarce, the most valuable resources to deal with, and only as eye care professionals as to love, to the business of the business on a foundation of sustainable development on top.

■ Length of employment, to avoid a short person

  Who have the length, only the use of its strengths, avoiding their short, to make the best use only the best use. Eclectic use of talent, only for the amount due to posts and, in the "promoted or demoted, and to advance" the competition mechanism, stimulate staff's potential and creativity, to human resources to the growth conditions, the value of promotion opportunities.

  See education, not only academic credentials, meritocracy

  The actual situation is not the only qualifications

■ Improve the mechanisms, achievements talent

  Around the company's needs, through internal competition, external import, exercise training, the company's overall talent to play advantage. Advocacy of "individual and the common development of enterprises", the staff quality improvement is to improve enterprise quality assurance; to provide fair opportunities for each employee and the conditions, make a fair evalsuation of employee performance;Recognize and respect the individual interests of employees, and employees share the benefits of enterprise development; improve employee working and living environment, and constantly improve their work and quality of life.

  We have unlimited enterprise wide development space, our "pursuit of perfect harmony," There is no "you", and "I", there is only "us." We want to work with all like-minded people together, gathering a strong force, the strength of our common contribution to

  Our excellent team for you to join us but even more outstanding. We look forward to your attention, Yafei look forward to your joining.